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Sri Ramakrishna
Swami Vivekanand
The Holy Mother, Sarada Devi

"If there has ever been a word
of truth, a word of spirituality, that I have spoken anywhere
in the world, I owe it to my
Master; only the mistakes
are mine."

–Swami Vivekananda


"Man-making is my mission in life.... The older I grow the more everything seems to me to lie in manliness. This is my New Gospel. ....My ideal indeed can be put into a few words, and that is: to preach unto mankind their divinity, and how to make it manifest in every movement of life."


The divine consort of the Great Master, she gave Swami Vivekananda her blessings, knowing that it was Sri Ramakrishna's wish that
he should undertake the
journey to America.


His Dynamic Influence
      Swami Vivekananda’s influence on societies and individuals can be classified into: his impact as a teacher of Vedanta; his stress on the practice of religion of service, based on equality and tyaga; his role as an awakener, builder and organizer of modern India with its patriotic, spiritual and service movements; his contribution as a cultural and spiritual emissary of India to the West; his work as an interpreter of Indian values in the universal language of science, and his influence in taming and unifying science itself.

Acquaintance with His Contributions
      This volume comprising four parts is a humble attempt to acquaint the reader with some of these contributions of Swamiji to humanity. Besides, presents a diary of significant events in his life and times, a glimpse of his scintillating divine personality, a taste of his powerful and clear language of electrifying impact, and a rare example of his utter humility when he traces all that is good in him and all that he could accomplish in a too-short a span of time to the grace of his Great Master, Sri Ramakrishna, in whose hallowed name he set in motion a mighty Movement for the well-being and spiritual enlightenment of the mankind. Finally, the book enables the reader to see Swamiji visually through pictures. It presents a selection of eighty photographs projecting a tapestry-like a visual review of the evolution of Naren into Vivekananda the prophet of ‘Awakened India’. An exhaustive list of over two hundred books by and on Swami Vivekananda is appended to the book for reference and further study.

Lasting Gift to Humanity
      Humanity has not yet opened fully the gift it has received from Sri Ramakrishna, the gift of the advent and work of Swami Vivekananda. We can only envy the future world, which will be delighted and blessed with this gift which it has been ready to receive but slow to uncover.