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     While seeking to link with kindred web sites (see 'Links to Kindred Web Sites'), we also sought to introduce ours to elders, friends and acquaintances. They have readily responded with their useful comments and suggestions, beside appreciation of our humble efforts. We sincerely thank them all. Others who visit our site are welcome to use the link in the navigation bar: ‘CONTACT US’ for communication.

     Before excerpting herebelow the responses received so far from our visitors, reflecting their appreciation as also critical comments and useful suggestions, we reproduce our email communication with them, introducing our site:

"We are glad to introduce our recently set up web site. A labour of love from our host here in New Jersey, it is about our book on Swami Vivekananda released at a reception held in honor of all the World Peace Summit Delegates at the UN, New York, on the 28 August, 2000. Please do visit the site and let us have your valued comments and suggestions for our guidance. Hope you will find our site informative, instructive and inspiring. Besides the ‘Home Page’, the site presents the subject-matter under several heads such as: Introduction, Contents, Pictures, Author, Reviews, etc. Also appended to the site is a Message prepared for the UN Millennium World Peace Summit which the Author attended. It will be nice if you could kindly introduce the site to your friends and acquaintances interested in the subject-matter."

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- 1 -

     We are glad to know from your email of 24 December, 2000, about your new web site.... We greatly appreciate your sincere efforts to spread the message of Swami Vivekananda and the values of Indian Culture.

Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission, – SWAMI SMARANANANDA
Belur Math, West Bengal, India.  
9 Jan. 2001.  

- 2 -

     ....Noted that your host made it possible to develop a web site on your book: Vivekananda – His Gospel of Man-making. We did visit the site, which has come out very well. Hope many will be benefited by the same. As our beloved Papa (Swami Ramdas) used to say, God arranges all things in his own way and at the time he appoints. We shall certainly pass this information to those who have email facilities.

Anandashram, Kanhangad, India. – SWAMI MUKTANANDA
2 Jan. 2001.  
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Web site:  

- 3 -

     I looked at your web site, which has come out very nicely. I am looking forward to going through the new edition of your book. You have done a wonderful job.

29 Jan. 2001.  

- 4 -

     I promise to visit the web site very soon.... and pass on the message to my friends.

Camp : Mumbai, India. – SWAMI MURUGANANDA
27 Dec. 2000.  

- 5 -

     On 21 Jan. 2001, visiting our site,SWAMI DHEERANANDA, Chinmaya Mission, 46 Norwood Road, Silver Spring, MD, USA 20905 ( Ph: 301-384-1204); Email: sent his submission through the ("To Our New Visitors" form given below) thereby expressing his appreciation of and good wishes for our humble work.

- 6 -

     I am indeed very happy and grateful to know about your attending the UN Millennium World Peace Summit at New York, and hoisting the web site, as they are of great importance, and repurcussion. It is a reward of your untiring, dedicated, hard work of several years.... One of our friends has recently bought the book. Another writer on spiritual topics has taken the address of the publishers. I am also informing other friends about the web site.

North 24 Paraganas, W.B, India – KANAI GHOSH, Sqn. Ldr.(Rtd.)
10 Jan. 2001.  

- 7 -

     I found the web site very impressive and inspiring. Your book is indeed unique in its contents and style of presentation. By all accounts, it is one of the books which need to be treasured by all who know something of Swami Vivekananda and his mission. As such, your book shall undoubtedly be constantly referred to by scholars, researchers, thinkers, spiritualists and others to know about Swami Vivekananda, his views on the problems faced by mankind on all fronts even today. I thank you very much, and also respect your initial tapasya of five years in bringing out such a splendid work, which will serve as a timely gift to our Sanatana Dharma and the entire mankind in the New Millennium.

(On 28 Dec. 2000, Prof. Asnaniji sent the following email circular to all his friends and acquaintances: "I am forwarding the email I have received from Swami Jyotirmayananda. It is worthwhile for all to visit this web site. The regeneration of our society will come thorough the Sanatana Dharma. This is a very timely reminder to us. Kindly contact directly Swami Jyotirmayananda, if possible.)

Pune, India. – Prof. G. C. ASNANI, M.Sc, Ph.D.,
28 Dec. 2000. (United Nations Service, Rtd.)
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Web site:  

- 8 -

     Your web site gives a crystal clear message to one and all about life and noble living. A careful, reverential study of your book, I am sure, is bound to provide the reader with the required vision and impetus, besides useful guidance and solution for the life’s problems. Like a mirror it reflects the realities of life, and like a torch, sheds light on the path

Edison, NJ, USA. – Dr. JAI DAYAL         
14 Jan. 2001.  

- 9 -

     I just returned from a visit to your web site. It looks good. The picture looks terrific! One suggestion though. How about a window for the reader’s comments? In the fourth para, I think it sounds better to say, "His teachings....bring into western civilization much needed qualitative change. What do you think?

Jonnesboro, GA, USA. – Smt. SHEILA RAO
6 Dec. 2000.  

- 10 -

     I visited your web site. It is good. The only comment I have is that on the page where you have put your picture, you should also put in the picture of the book. Also in the order form you should tell the visitors to send the check along with the order form. Other than that, the site is wonderful.

26 Dec 2000  

- 11 -

     The web site is great and I hope many people will be benefited by it and your book on Swami Vivekananda. I will pass on the URL of your web site to other people. I could not access the pictures. When I click, I don’t see the desired picture.... Other than this, I think the web site is very informative and well-prepared. Thank you for sharing this worthy information with us.

27 Dec. 2000.  

- 12 -

     I am very impressed with the site. It is very easy to navigate. The colors are soothing to the eyes. The site gives the right information to wet your appetite and want you quest for more information about the great Swamiji. The site is also a good reference for Swami Vivekananda’s photographs available in the book. Good Luck!

27 Dec. 2000.  
Email: /  

(On 23 Jan. 2001, Sri Mahendra V. Toprani who is in-charge of the Balvihar activities at Cherry Hill, NJ, sent the following email circular to all the parents of his wards: Remember Swami Jyotimayananda? He blessed us at our Diwali Function at the Hindu temple of Berlin. As he had said, he has brought out a 1000-page book on Swami Vivekananda titled Vivekananda–His Gospel of Man-making. Now he has a web site too depicting this book along with 80 pictures of Swami Vivekananda. A quote from the site: This site seeks to introduce an important publication on Swami Vivekananda to the online community worldwide. It presents a Guide to the Contents of the book, a synopsis of each part and section, excerpts from Views and Reviews about the book, a Pictorial Album consisting of photographs of Swami Vivekananda found in the book, a Word About the Author and so on. Also appended is a note on the UN Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders, the Message prepared by the Author for the Summit and a note on an important subject-matter of the day: ‘World Peace – How?’   Please visit the site. Purchase the book, if you can, and assist in a good cause. Also click on the "Contact Us" page and submit your comments and suggestions, if any.)

- 13 -

     I went through the web site. It is an excellent work

Kanhangad, India. – Dr. M. R. NAMBIAR
4 Jan. 2001.  

- 14 -

     A very good site.

29 Dec. 2000. – SHYAM LAL MEHRA

- 15 -

     Thanks for setting up this site! Any activities soon?

22 Jan. 2001. – SATPAD                 

- 16 -

     Very good work. Will go a long way in propagating the message of Swamiji.

R. K. Math, Chennai, India. – Br. SUDHAKAR
27 Dec. 2000.  

- 17 -

     Very good web site: has lot of useful information. But I think it's missing one critical piece of information: The price of the book. Also, is it possible to have the order form incorporated in the web site so that people can print it and mail the order directly? This would make things much easier for those who want to order for your book.

Somerville, NJ. – BHAVANI PRASAD
27 Dec. 2000.